Love, Beyond Being

Is love,

Fulfilment or infinity?

The pure ‘bliss of being’, – or, a becoming-other?

A becoming, towards-the-other, a traversing of ‘the self’ *for* an/other?

… As if, love was to make us ‘in it’ for the other-than-what-the-world-at-present is.



Is love to be established? Made ‘whole’? Brought together into a ‘holy’ saturation, – and therein merged as One?

Or, is love, a desire *beyond* desire, – even a beyond-being-Complete?

i.e. is Love – beyond *what* completes or satisfies, – beyond the very fill of desire and all completion, all totalisation; – like an arousal *without* end?

i.e. is love, a ‘two-becoming-one’, – therein to find some true finality, a ‘togetherness-merge’ that forfeits the relativity of the Other’s non-contactable difference?

Or, is love a two-becoming-other-than-themselves; even, a losing of ‘oneself’ for the sake of this other, for the sake of nothing but love, (and différance).

Like a pure-giving which would not even want to make the Other understandable, if it meant making them ‘the same’ or accorded-to-a-frame of some economical-exchange or phenomenological-reduction.


What is this love, which goes under only to give oneself over? The love which has us, un-know ourselves as “one”, – (or as a half, looking for consummation).

The love, that does not seek closure, – but only seeks to open up to the becoming of love.

That new-becoming that no-‘one’ could positively contain.

The love, that ceases all simultaneity, all same-ness – to become other with the other.


Might then, love “be” this of an outward-opening? This, rather than than an inward-identification that encompasses terminal-poles (filling opposites up to the brim by some elemental fusion)…

Love… not as a fill, but as a relating that relates *to* relating, – without rendering the relata (as) ‘known’; as ‘com-prehended’ …

A love, – that just embraces love in loves irreducible otherness (or othering).

The kind of love, which is the ‘other than I; or ‘the I’, – though moves us all the more.

A love, a relationship, “with a surplus always exterior to any totality.” (as per, E. Levinas)


… Perhaps actively not-knowing the other that love loves, – is (indeed) the basis of relating to the other …

… For what if love was always such a relationship with that which relates, – with that which conserves and protects the alterity of relation; – rather than abolishing it by some transmutation and finality …

As when, an Other lays before me; calls upon me; uproots me… Without possession or power. But calls me out of myself. Calls the world, out of the ‘way’ the world is.

Isn’t it the love of this Other in the Other, as Other, – that makes such a claim on us ?

That moves us into the non co-inciding and non-synthesizable relationship with the infinite ?

[ ‘The infinite’ that is both beyond the possible, and impossible. ]

[[ i.e. Beyond the love that exists-already, for the inexistent love of the ‘to come’ and the coming, world-seed. ]]

[[[ The love, which is a power, without power. A force without force. The love which is almost invisible; yet more than the visible. ]]]

{ The name which names the unnameable. }

{ The gift, which, when present, – gives itself as the beyond of present things. }


One opens in love.

And there, the one is made-many.

Made-other, ‘than what is’.

Other-than, ‘the present’.


/// Just as,

In loving, we go against ‘the present, and all its facts’ – and make space for the Other than ‘the this’ that is the presents lack.

Adding, what is truly missing in the body of God.

The that which exceeds itself.

The ‘more’ in life, which is life, – and which makes (a) life, to die for.


  • A post, by Ezra Centennial / [currently pending review]

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